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Nancy SeebackCertified Yoga Instructor

Nancy Seeback

Nancy’s been practicing yoga for 10 years. She believes yoga changed her relationship with her body and her outlook on life. She graduated from the Yoga Mountain 200 hour teacher training program in 2011 and the 500 hour/yoga therapy programs in 2012.

Nancy loves to share and spread the practice of yoga. In addition to teaching to the general population, she’s taught in schools, hospitals, rehabs and senior centers. Her classes incorporate a variety of yoga styles and encourage students to feel strong, connected, relaxed and alive. Asana, pranayama and meditation, along with a touch of tradition, philosophy and current wisdom, keep her classes varied, thought provoking and fun. Come move your body, focus your mind and awaken your spirit!




Dena Cutler - 200 Registered Yoga Teacher

Dena began practicing yoga in Hawaii in 2001. Practicing with many of Hawaii’s teacher’s inspired her to become a teacher herself. Her yoga practice has brought her closer to the body’s natural way of healing. Through regular practice she experiences inner peace, gratitude, compassion, balance, inner strength, alignment, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well being and contentment. Although, yoga is a daily practice and a lifelong journey, Dena would love to share her knowledge with you.
“Empty your mind of everything.
Let the mind become still.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return.
They grow and flourish and then return to the source.
Returning to the source is stillness which is the way of nature.”

Tao Te Ching

Marie GartshoreRYT-200

Marie GMarie has been practicing Yoga for 36 years. She started her practice with Linda Cali in the Integral style brought here by the great guru Satchidananda. This very spiritual style of yoga ties breath, visualization and energy work to the asanas. She later branched out into Iyengar, Bikram, vinyasa and Tibetan style yoga. Marie began teaching in 1984 at the New Age Center in Nyack, NY and has been teaching ever since in Adult Education programs, health clubs and dance and yoga studios in New York and New Jersey. Her yoga class is an integrated style class that draws on the many influences she has been exposed to in her practice.

In 2004, Marie became a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance after training with Gail Walsh and her team at Yoga Mountain.

She is also a Meditation Instructor and a level 2 Reiki practitioner in the Usui lineage.

For Marie, yoga is not about the perfect posture but about committing to and living your practice─finding within yourself the divine energy that connects you to all beings. In the words of Satchidananda, “Perfect is the best that you can do today.”

Doug Reisinger - 200 Certified Yoga Instructor

Doug Bip PicDoug Reisinger has always had a passion for fitness and healthy living. As a long-time distance runner, Doug wanted to incorporate stretching into his routine and found the gift of yoga. He began practicing Hatha yoga at Bikram NYC and was immediately hooked.

Wanting to expand his awareness into yoga, Doug eventually moved onto vinyasa flow at Sonic Yoga in Manhattan where he received his 200 hour RYT certification.

Dougʼs focus is allowing individuals to become more open and aware of their bodies – helping everyone on their path towards the powerful healing benefits of yoga. He also believes that guiding each pose with correct breathing and alignment is the key to a rewarding class. Doug is excited for the opportunity to be teaching at New Breathe Yoga and is looking forward to developing spiritual, energetic and fun classes from which everyone will benefit.


Shelly Blatt- 200 Certified Yoga Instructor

I became a yoga instructor so I can help others empower themselves. My goal is to teach others how to connect the mind to the body and to believe in the power within oneself.My classes will focus on alignment, balance, confidence and learning how to own your breath and body.

Shelly Bio Pic

I believe the connection to the pose is more important then the perfection of the pose. It truly motivates me to see my students gain confidence in themselves.

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years. I earned my 200 hour yoga teaching certification from Yoga Mountain in 2011.
I am currently training for my 500 hour certification and Yoga Therapy certification through the Karma Vault.

Own your breath. Own your body.
Yoga is for any body.




Andrea Collier200 Hr Certified Yoga Teacher
Andrea Bio Pic 
Andrea completed her 200 Teacher Training Program in 2013, and has since joined our teaching staff.

Andrea’s classes focus on correct alignment and breathwork in a gentle environment.